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Well Done Montana LLC© works diligently to Support the Montana Oil & Gas Industry, Enhance the Environmental Quality of the fields we work in and significantly Reduce Greenhouse Gasses (GHG’s) through a proactive Adoption Program of Orphaned and Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells and successfully executes the Well Done Montana LLC© Permitted Plugging and Restoration Program Plans.

Today in the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that there are approximately 3.2 Million "Orphaned or Abandoned" Oil & Gas Wells and that number is growing each and every day!

The EPA defines "Orphaned or Abandoned" Wells as: 

•    Wells with no recent production, and not plugged.
Common terms (such as those used in state databases) might include: inactive, temporarily abandoned, shut-in, dormant, idle.

•    Wells with no recent production and no responsible operator.
Common terms might include: orphaned, deserted, long-term idle, abandoned.

Unfortunately, these Oil & Gas Wells are simply not going to plug, abandon and restore the surface themselves.  The time to take a proactive position and “own” this story on behalf of Montana’s Oil & Gas Industry, the Environment and our Communities is Right Here, Right Now!


The Well Done Montana LLC© Program is a solid approach that provides an alternative pathway to success that benefits all, one abandoned Oil & Gas Well at a time that will have our Stakeholders, Partners and Regulators saying “Well Done Montana, Well Done”!



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Orphaned Oil & Gas Wells

What is the problem and why should I even care?

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Identifying Candidate Wells

Due Diligence Process

Well Done Montana locates Orphaned Oil & Gas Wells that have been abandoned and have no one who is financially responsible to maintain, produce or plug and abandon the well.

Often times, the Surface Owners are left to deal with the issue and work around the areas of disturbance.

Well Done Montana collaborates closely with the Montana Department of Natural Resources Board of Oil & Gas Conservation and the Surface Owners to develop a Well Done Montana Plugging, Abandonment and Surface Restoration Plan.

Developing the Best Approach

Site Analysis

Well Done Montana closely examines each Candidate Well Site to determine the scope of work for what it's going to take to safely and effectively Plug and Abandon the Well Bore, stopping the transmission of Greenhouse Gasses (GHG's) and Clean Up, Recycle, Re-purpose and fully Restore the Orphaned Well Surface Areas.

This information gathered from each Well Site is critical to the development of the Well Done Montana Plugging, Abandonment and Surface Restoration (PAR) Plan that is truly unique to each Orphaned Well.

Site Monitoring 

Data Collection

Well Done Montana develops and implements a detailed monitoring program, developing an "Existing Site Condition Baseline" prior to executing the Plugging, Abandonment and Surface Restoration (PAR) Plan. 

Well Done Montana also monitors the former Well Site post "Plugging, Abandonment and Surface Restoration to confirm that the job is indeed "Well Done"!

Join the Team!

A Strategic Process

Expert Guidance

The Well Done Montana Process creates a Strategic Partnership between the Regulators, Surface Owners and the "Adoptive Parties".

At www.welldonemontana.com, we combine our insights and skills to create a safe and seamless processes that provides cost effective and lasting results. We’re proud to help improve our environment, working with our clients in a transparent structure that delivers value to their Triple Bottom Line:

  • Environmental Responsibility

  • Community Partnerships

  • Economic Benefits

Let's Do Good Things Together!

Site Restoration

Return to Service

Acre by Acre, the Well Done Montana process is returning the Orphaned Well Sites back into production to help feed the world and fuel the Region's Economy.

Montana's Golden Triangle Region is home to some of the richest soil and most productive growing acres in the United States.  

Well Done Montana is pleased to partner with the Montana Board of Oil & Gas Conservation and our Surface Owners to execute the Well Done Montana Plugging, Abandonment and Restoration Programs to get these Orphaned Well Sites transitioned into their next levels of service.


Welcome to the Well Done Family!

The Big West Anderson #3 Oil Well was drilled and completed in 1924 and now 95 years later has been adopted by Well Done Montana LLC and is on its way to being plugged (sealed), abandoned and having the surface fully restored and returned back to production!

This well has contributed to the thousands of jobs over the decades in Montana's Oil & Gas Industry and has helped to power Montana and the United States forward.

Stay tuned to see our progress!


Welcome to the Well Done Family!

The Anderson #1 Oil Well finished drilling on August 10, 1924 to a depth of -1,545' by the Western Drilling Company into the Ellis Sand Formation. The Anderson #1 is latest Orphaned Well that  has been qualified to be included into the Well Done Montana LLC Adoption Program and become a part of the Well Done Family!

The Anderson #1 Well is currently undergoing monitoring and testing as part of the Well Done due diligence process.

Stay tuned to see our progress!


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